Comparison Test: Bajaj 220 vs Hero Honda Karizam vs Apache 160 vs Yamaha R15 (As per Bikeindia)

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this is a comparison test between these 4 bikes to determine which is the best among all (on track). It was carried by Bikeindia with some of the best riders in India. It is a good test since you can get a lot of info of these bikes and can surely help whomever is in doubt between any of these bikes.


Bike India Race Track Test




 TVS Apache RTR 160 Efi (Best Value Track Tool)

For a 160cc air-cooled two valve per cylinder bike, the track performance of the RTR EFI is nothing short of a revelation. Want to go racing? There's no better learner's tool for the money.

Yamaha R15 (Best Lap Time / Best handling)

The R15 has its power stored in the reservoir above the 7000rpm band. The fact doesn't mar the lap times at all, especially with that phenomenal handling. The 220 will have the edge in more practical conditions though.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 (Best Power Spread)

The 220 has the strongest pull over the largest rev range. That decidedly makes it the bike with the most useable power. Excellent straight line speed is an icing on the cake.

 Hero Honda Karizma

Surprisingly for us, the Karizma emerged as the last finisher here. Trust us, there is hardly anything wrong with that bike. It's not as brutally focussed towards track performance as the other contenders and compromises on a few things for the sake of practicality and comfort.


For the complete test please click here :




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